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Paralegals have become an integral part of the legal system with lawyers and laymen alike utilizing their education in the matters of law to assist in finding justice thus requiring the knowledge of what is expected of her by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. As with attorneys, paralegals are required to have an education in the matters of a high diversity of legal matters. A formal education often includes real estate law, tax law, legal research, insurance law, criminal law, civil law, proper English and writing skills and ethics. This is by far not all the courses needed but is a portion.

When a paralegal is hired into a legal office it is because of her skills. She also must follow a very specific set of rules that other professionals do not have to follow. Receptionists and secretaries and even CEOs do not have to follow the strict standards expected of a paralegal. She has a code of ethics to follow and the slightest veering from them can cost her the position she holds.

Ethical standards contain guidelines many of which the attorney he or she works for also has to follow. There can be no illegal activity by the paralegal. She must not associate with anyone from the opposing office during a case even if her best friend works for them. If she knows any part of the other side of a case that comes to her office either the office cannot take it or she is black balled completely from any knowledge of what is happening in it. Billing requires precise timing. If the hours worked on a certain case are billed in an inflated manner she can be fired. She must maintain professional conduct 100% of the time regardless of any outside obstacles.

Paralegals also have to invest in continued education. This means that they are required to attend at least 12 hours of education and one hour of ethics continuity in order to maintain her high level of knowledge with current as well as older laws. Law changes on an almost daily basis due to the different sentences that are handed down by judges across the country. Though when sentencing a criminal current precedent is often followed judges do not have to use what is already recorded as their basis for judgment of a certain crime. Because of this a new precedent is set and it is a good idea to know in order to keep up with the work load in the office.

As with all ethical professions paralegals are required to work for the good of the public. She must show her support of the legal system during pro bono cases as well. This means that if someone decides to represent themselves in court and hires the paralegal to assist them she is still required to maintain the ethical standard and integrity within the system while helping the individual to perform his own defense. She cannot, however, in any way represent them or give legal advice as it is illegal in all states not to practice law without a license. Doing so would seriously affect her legitimacy and permanently hurt her record.

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations have thousands of individual paralegals and paralegal associations within their directory. They help to maintain the professional standards of each one so that there is no misstep in this very necessary profession. Having the education is great and is helpful in the world she or he works in. Being a part of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations helps to keep them all on track and maintain the proper conduct and educational needs of each person who has chosen this field as their way of helping society.

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