Continuing Education for Those With A Paralegal Certifcate

If you have a paralegal certificate and are looking for a refresher in the legal knowledge, continuing education might be just what you are looking for. Most professions require continuing education; for instance, for legal professionals, it's continuing legal education (CLE); for medical doctors, it's continuing medical education (CME); and for an accounting firm it's continuing expert education (CPE) or continuing education (CE) for CPAs. For legal assistants with a paralegal qualification, continuing ed is also obtainable.

Why Should You Consider Receiving Continuing Education

For some certified paralegals, CE is required by the organization who has certified them. So, getting continuing ed courses is not genuinely something those paralegals will need to debate over if they should do it or not. For those paralegals, it is just a matter of choosing the best courses at the right prices. For other certified paralegals, going through continuing education classes can have the advantages of giving them the latest information in areas of practice they will work in. The law is ever-evolving, therefore obtaining the latest case law updates is usually important to a paralegal's job performance. Additionally, if there are new sections of law that you may possibly be asked to work in or have an interest in being increasingly included in, a CE course is a good way of getting some rudimentary knowledge in that practice area.

Where To Get Continuing Education

NALA offers continuing education in a variety of formats for those using a paralegal certificate. The continuing education can be gained through NALA's publications, via their live seminars, or on-line. The continuing education topics include courses in the following practice areas:

* business/corporations;
* elder law;
* immigration law;
* employment law;
* litigation;
* legal research;
* real estate;
* estate planning; and
* ethics

IPE is a second organization which offers continuing ed for paralegals. Courses offered through IPE can be obtained in even more types of formats which makes obtaining continuing education very hassle-free. The formats for these are live seminars, live teleconferences, on demand classes, live video webcasts, audio, and course publications. Topics of study incorporate:

* legal writing;
* medical negligence;
* ethics for paralegals;
* bankruptcy;
* legal writing;
* discovery preparation;
* foreclosure;
* jury selection; and
* family law

Essentially, getting continuing ed for people having a paralegal certificate can be a very powerful way to refresh your knowledge and gain knowledge in several new practice areas. Though additional classes may not be required for certified paralegals, these courses are highly recommended.

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