Paralegal Certification Exam Study Tips

Gaining your paralegal certification by test can be tough unless you employ a good study strategy. With work, family, and other obligations, it's important that you make the best use of your study time. Following these few tips may help you do just that.

Research What Topics Will likely be On the Paralegal Certification Assessment

The various paralegal certification organizations have slightly different subjects which they expect you to have knowledge of to get certification. For example, NALA's paralegal exam is a five-part exam composed of communications, ethics, legal investigation, judgment and analytical ability, and substantive law. As the PACE exam is a two-tier examination with general legal issues, ethics and specialty sections. In order for you to perform at your highest level you'll want to be sure you determine what will be on the test you are taking.

Get Study Materials Specific to the Test You Will Be Taking

Before you begin studying, find out if the testing organization has review materials available. As an example, NALA has got the CLA/CP Study Guide and Mock Examination and the NALA Manual for Paralegals and Legal Assistants which is good for anyone taking its paralegal certification examination. Be sure to get similar review materials for any certification test you'll be taking.

Establish a Study Schedule

There'll always be things that come up that you'd rather be doing besides studying for your paralegal certification exam. That's why it's critical that you schedule a specific time for learning and equally important for you to stay with that schedule. Make sure you schedule this study time during a period when you are at your optimal level. If you only study when you're too drained to recollect what you are looking at, having recall at exam time is extremely unlikely.

Take Practice Exams (if available)

Taking practice exams may help you get a good feel for what the genuine test will be like. When you take these exams try to produce a similar atmosphere as what you'll find in the testing atmosphere. Also, make an effort to stay inside the same time frames that you will be allotted during the real paralegal exam.

Prepare the Evening Before the Exam

The night before the test you must not cram, staying up late to do so. It is more important that you get plenty of rest the evening before the exam so that you can do your very best through the test. Additionally, make sure you have the things you will want for the test packed and ready to go so that you will not have to spend time at the time of the exam looking for and gathering those items.

Using these five simple study guidelines should help you ace your paralegal certification test and place you on the path to accomplishing your paralegal career goals.

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