Paralegal Salaries: What Is the Normal Pay Rate for Paralegals?

When looking for a possible career there are several different variables to consider from your ability to do the job to your possible compensation for doing the job. Your ability to do the job can't really be determined until you have had the opportunity to do it, but your potential earnings could be estimated by looking at the field. Like any other field, that of a paralegal has a large range of potential earnings and these earnings will be based on the job that you do. What will be discussed here is the potential earnings for being a paralegal and then the variables that could affect this.
First, you should know that most paralegals will start around $30,000 per year if this is his/her first time to be a paralegal. So, with no experience with the field or the company you will likely start around $30,000 per year. It is possible to get in to the high $50,000 per year range as a paralegal once you prove your ability and responsibility in your job. Here are the three main variables that could affect your salary or pay rate as a paralegal:
Experience: Most jobs are going to base a lot of your pay rate on your experience in the field or your experience with the company. The basis for this is easy to understand as the more independent you become in your job, the less supervision is necessary and therefore you are worth more to the company. The more tasks you can complete without the aide of anyone else the better off you will be in terms of the salary or pay rate you can command.
Kind of Law Firm: The kind of law firm you work for is going to have a little bit to do with how much you are paid as a paralegal as well. Some types of law require more in-depth and important work and these types of law will typically pay better for paralegals as well. In other words, criminal defense law paralegals will likely earn more than those that assist with a non-profit type of law. The kind of law practiced can have a big impact on the salary or pay rate.
Location: This is not unlike many occupations in that the area in which you live might have more demand for certain types of law, meaning there is more demand for paralegals. The more you are in demand the better your pay will be and you will be able to earn more than in another area. Areas of high population are usually going to pay better because there are more people that will be in need of your services.
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