Basic Paralegal Studies For An Associates Degree

Basic paralegal studies for an associate's degree is usually a 2-year course. This is the common qualification held by many legal assistants or paralegals. You can also do a 4-year bachelor degree program, which includes other academic subjects.
If you are already a bachelor degree holder you can do a few months intensive paralegal course to obtain a paralegal certificate. Your bachelor's degree can be in just about any field.
There are also specialization courses you can do to become a specialist paralegal in your chosen filed. Some of which are immigration paralegal, litigation paralegal, real estate paralegal, etc.
Bear in mind that the quality of your paralegal training program will depend on the school you choose and the amount of work in put into your studies. If you come out in flying colors from a vary with the higher quality programs usually including job placement services.
Paralegal curriculum include the introduction of students to law and the use of computers to do legal research online. Internships are becoming common practice with paralegal programs. This is to help you understudy experienced paralegals on the job. Most paralegals do their internship with private law firm. Some students have had the opportunity of doing their internship with NGOs and government agencies that eventually retained them after graduation.
An employer may require a specialized certificate if the job your are applying for requires some technical knowledge. Examples, are immigration, real estate, health administration etc. Certification by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) can be of help when applying for a job. You have to pass their test and be designated as Registered Paralegal (RP). The test is called Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam and you must have a bachelor's degree to qualify.
Read more about Paralegal Studies and job placements at Paralegal Degree Articles. I wish you success in your endeavor. Remember, only an accredited online school, institution or University approved by the American Bar Association is good for your money and time.

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