Social Media for Attorneys - Top 3 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Use Social Media Marketing

Social Media for attorneys? Should attorneys really use social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Oh you bet! Companies, including law firms, fall prey to the notion that social media is all about socializing and not about businesses. This couldn't be a more incorrect assumption. The smart practitioners of the law are realizing that traditional methods of marketing are not sufficient and online interactions through social platforms benefits their career, increases clientele and thus profits.

Social Media for Attorneys - Top 3 Reasons Why Lawyers Should Use Social Media Marketing

1. Increased Visibility
Just by engaging into social marketing, you immediately increase your reach through online social networks. It allows other individuals to see who you are, where you're located, and what services you offer. The average law firm may traditionally see 5-15 potential clients in a day. With Facebook and Twitter for example, you have instant access to hundreds, if not thousands of people on their networks - on a daily basis! Effectively using social media marketing for attorneys can potentially increase your office client base by up to 50-70% - perhaps even more.

2. Increased Authority
Creating your own content such as blogs, articles or videos about niche-specific topics and posting them on social networks makes your readers and viewers begin to respect your authority and the knowledge and wisdom you have as a lawyer. Producing and posting unique, informational and useful content increases the chances of your posts getting shared by others. In some cases it even has the power that your content might go 'viral'. This means it gets spread across the spectrum of the internet quickly. Imagine the large number of prospective clients finding you and visiting your lawyers practice website, converting into business deals!

Another thing to realize is that social media for attorneys allows you to aggregate news from a specific industry and use these channels of social marketing to re-present them in ways which are beneficial and relevant to your potential clients. For example: A lawyer from Florida posted tech-related articles every week and after a few months, tech companies realized the quality of his work and eventually became clients.

Remember: The more people who read it, the more authority you create for yourself.

3. Better Personal Relationships
Smart attorneys using social media as part of their online marketing activities give testament to the following all the time: People would much rather work with people who their friends know and trust. The fascinating thing is that it allows you to intimately know your potential client base - simply show them that you care and they will come to you. At the end of the day, social media for attorneys allows individuals to feel as if they're hiring a person and not a business. When you take the time to talk with people instead of talking at people, and interacting WITH individuals instead of advertising at them, people find themselves trusting you. Because of the personal relationship you develop, when the need for legal services arrive, they will pick up the phone and call you, the person they know and respect - not some intimidating faceless law firm not represented on social networks.

It's evident that attorneys who successfully leverage social media have a powerful advantage over those that do not. Client base booms, better relationships are built, and authority is created. Success is then inevitable.

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