How to Write a Paralegal Resume

Paralegals can get excellent job opportunities and work in different fields. These fields include patent law, bankruptcy corporate law etc. However, the job description of the paralegals varies and should be totally dependent on the field that you wish to work for.

A paralegal resume should be well written. It should emphasize on your capabilities, knowledge and professional experience. However, if you are an entry level paralegal and drafting your own resume then it should focus on your qualifications.

The ideal format that should be utilized for writing a paralegal resume is functional or chronological format. Before beginning the task of writing a resume, you should browse the internet and go through the sample paralegal resumes or paralegal templates which are available on this website.

These samples resume for paralegal would inform you about the ideal format and sections to be included in the resume. Another excellent option is to carefully read the job ads and be informed about the requirements of the employer. This will give a brief idea about the requirements of the recruiter and draft the resume accordingly.

You should also prepare a list of information that you want to include in the resume. The content in the resume should be organized and show the recruiter that you are interested to take up the job.

Tips for writing a paralegal resume are mentioned below:

• The contact details should be included at the top of your resume. The font size utilized for this section should be a bit bigger than the other contents in the resume. This will help to seek the attention of the employer and also impress them. Make sure to include your current contact details in the section.
• Begin your objective section which is included below the contact details clearly stating the position that you wish to apply for. You can also include additional details such as job ad, job title and the job position number given in the job advertisement. You can also include information about any particular area that you wish to work for.
• The skills section should include information about your key skills and abilities. You can create a separate section and include all your technical skills in it.
• The education section should include details about the degrees beginning with the highest degree. You should include information such as name, dates and name of the degrees earned in this section. You can also include information about any paralegal certifications possessed by you.
• The work experience section should give a brief outline about the organization that you have earlier worked with. This section should also begin with the latest one. Use bulleted points to include information about the job duties undertaken at these jobs and also highlight the important achievements included in this section.
• The font size should be 12 points. The formatting should be uniform and proof read the content after completing the task of drafting a resume.

A paralegal resume should be written by considering the above mentioned tips. It will help you draft a legal resume and get a paralegal job.

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