People Search - The Top 10 People Search Engines

Online people search sites have become more sophisticated and powerful with the rise in social media and social networks. In the past few years some very good people search engines have been launched that can help you find and reunite with a person from your past. The people search engines and social networks below really stand out for their ability to help you find a person online:
1. - no longer just an online directory assistance site, WhitePages now pulls information from social networks and public records sources to help you find someone online.
2. - even though this person search is several years old, it is still one of the best ways to search for people on the internet. ZabaSearch also pulls in information from numerous public records sources to help you find a person.
3. - a people finder that gets information from numerous social networks and online communities.
4. - another great way to search for a person. Spokeo uses social network data, mapping data and email address data to locate a person easily.
5. - the Twitter Yellow Pages allows you to search for people on Twitter by name, user id or interests.
6. - a powerful profession and business-based search that pulls in people data, career data and company data into one search.
7. - a newer people search engine that has become very popular due to the range of sources it uses to locate information about someone online. 123People uses web search, social network data, public records search data as well as news and blogs to find people and personal information.
8. - a great celebrity and famous name search that gives the most current results on public figures from blogs, news articles, social search, Twitter and web search results.
9. - searches for people and relationships from over 85 million profiles to find someone.
10. - of course we couldn't forget the number one social network is also one of the internet's best people finder sites as well. With hundreds of millions of users, Facebook is at the top of the people search space.
All of these searches are great for finding someone from your past. Whether you are looking for a past friend, family member or the latest information on a public figure, these are people search engines should get you closer to your goal. Good luck with your searches!
This list of the best people search engines is published by the creator of Skipease - an online people search directory.

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