Why One Paralegal Job Description Can Differ So Much From The Next!

If you are interested in a legal career, you are probably wondering what duties will be included in the paralegal job description. Perhaps you have read some job advertisements that appeared to be for the role of a legal assistant yet the requirements were very different.

A paralegal assistant job description is dictated by the type of practice you join and the level of your position. Some companies such as those involved with the government will have fairly rigid job descriptions while others will expect you to do whatever tasks are required to look after the client efficiently and cost effectively. It really depends on the type of role you want. If you value job security you may want to work for the government rather than for a larger law firm which would offer you a higher remuneration package but would perhaps be less secure.

For those who want to work on a variety of tasks, they should look for a paralegal position in a smaller law practice. You are more likely to be called upon to work on various projects with your duties being dictated by the current needs of the attorney. You could spend one day compiling research and the next preparing witnesses for a court appearance.

Regardless of where you work as a paralegal, certain elements of your job description will remain the same. For example, all legal assistants must have excellent written communication skills as well as being able to communicate verbally. There is a lot of written work involved in the legal process. You will also need strong analytical skills and the ability to translate complex legal theory into a language a client will understand.

One skill shared by all paralegals is their organizational abilities. They cannot afford to be disorganized and may have to juggle many different tasks at once. They need the ability to recognize what jobs are a priority and those that are important but not as urgent. Their ability to multitask increases if they work for more than one attorney.

To successfully secure a senior paralegal role, you should have completed your certification exams and have relevant and recent work experience. Those legal assistants with a lot of specialized experience are sometimes able to dictate their own job description. Their new role may involve training up paralegals who have just entered their legal career. Your salary will be influenced by your level of seniority, specialization and experience.

Find out more ways to influence your paralegal job description. Completing your paralegal studies will give you more control that someone who lacks formal education!

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