Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Records Retrieval

Medical records retrieval is a routine practice that most law firms deal with on a regular basis. However, records retrieval is time-consuming and tedious. Not only must you deal with subpoenas, authorizations, and other forms, you must also comply with HIPAA regulations and constantly follow up with providers until the records are finally released to you. By outsourcing medical records retrieval, you can focus on your area of expertise while your litigation support company handles the retrieval process.

Outsourcing medical records retrieval also frees up your staff for other important tasks. While you could create your own records retrieval team or hire a full-time specialist, handling medical records in-house can be costly. Not only does each employee incur a salary, you also must pay payroll taxes and provide benefits such as health insurance coverage, sick leave, and vacation. By outsourcing the process, you pay only for the services you need at the time you need them.

Teaming up with a litigation support service that specializes in medical records retrieval allows you to manage your caseload without having to hire and train additional paralegals or rely on temporary medical records clerks. For instance, if you have a heavy caseload one month followed by a month with no need for retrieval services, you won't need to add addition staff members only to let them go once the workload eases. Since your litigation support service understands your requirements, each time you need help, you don't need to spend additional time training a new hire.

In addition, outsourcing leads to consistent, reliable results. Once you find a records retrieval company that serves your needs well, you can then rely on this service to continue to provide you with excellent service case after case.

Retrieving medical records isn't overly difficult, but it is a process with specific requirements. For example, medical records aren't always stored at a physician's office. First, the medical provider needs to be contacted and asked about where the medical records request forms should be sent. Once the correct mailing address has been obtained, the record request forms as well as a HIPAA authorization form and a check for copy charges needs to be sent. In a perfect world, the provider would receive the request and fill it right away. However, it's not unusual for a request to sit in a pile on some clerk's desk making follow-up calls an absolute necessity.

While this process is simple, especially if you have just one case involving just one health care provider, it becomes more complex as your caseload grows. Outsourcing to a records retrieval specialist takes this burden off of your firm and allows you to focus on other details of the case.

Whether you run a one-attorney law firm or have dozens of attorneys working on cases, outsourcing medical records retrieval can save your firm money and ensure that the records you need are retrieved in a timely manner.

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