Medical Record Review and Analysis

Medical record review and analysis deal with comprehensive evaluation of the health care information of a patient. It involves finding, reviewing, interpreting and analyzing the facts in a typical medical record. These services are a great help for attorneys, plaintiffs, legal nurse consultants, insurance staff, and medico-legal case review firms.

Systematic evaluation is important in the process. The process involves reviewing, analyzing and summarizing different types of medical records. Medical record reviews identify critical information contained in a patient's medical records; these assist attorneys to easily identify the strong and weak points in the cases they handle. It is important that these are done with a high degree of accuracy. Therefore the respective companies employ qualified and efficient support personnel who offer dedicated services.

The process of medical record review and analysis includes:

o Receiving and organizing medical records
o Discovering missing records
o Consulting with health care providers
o Identifying factors that cause alleged damages or injuries
o Preparing brief written reports
o Analyzing and comparing witness reports
o Preparing a chronology of events

The medical record review and analysis team usually includes licensed health care professionals and board certified physicians. They carefully review the patient's past medical records and medical history, and prepare medical record review chronologies and summaries. Utilizing case-specific client information and industry standard guidelines and treatment protocols, they can help reviewers locate and arrange all required information.

Experts in the field review and analyze the documentation for various cases including accident issues, illness, medical products, pharmaceutical and other related concerns. They prepare customized reports and work together with various specialists to ensure comprehensive and timely analysis.

Medical review companies carry out the entire process strictly adhering to HIPAA stipulations and ensure complete data security.

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