Top 10 Paralegal Books Every Paralegal Should Have On Their Desk

You’ve likely discovered by now that there’s a lot that goes into keeping up with the pulse of a thriving career. From researching different paralegal programs to discovering leads for potential jobs—not to mention a host of obligations outside of your career like caring for your children and getting the bills paid on time—your slate probably feels pretty full right about now. Who has time to read paralegal books when we are so busy at work and at home? 

How can you be sure to uncover the rest of that coveted industry info that you haven’t yet tapped into? Don’t worry—there are plenty of industry pros who have created an array of paralegal books with people like you in mind!

It can be difficult, though, to find what you’re looking for with thousands of paralegal books at your fingertips. To save you the trouble, we narrowed it down to a must-read list. So sit back and let some industry professionals teach you everything from résumé tips to how to locate that perfect paralegal job.

1. The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style

Provides a comprehensive guide to the essential rules of legal writing. Unlike most style or grammar guides, it focuses on the special needs of legal writers. answering a wide spectrum of questions about grammar and style both rules as well as exceptions. Also gives detailed, authoritative advice on punctuation, capitalization, spelling, footnotes, and citations, with illustrations in a legal context. Designed for law students, law professors, practicing lawyers and judges, the work emphasizes the ways in which legal writing differs from other styles of technical writing. Its how to sections deal with editing and proofreading, numbers and symbols, and overall document design.

2. Black's Law Dictionary

For more than a century Black's has been the gold standard for the language of the law. Today it is the most widely cited law book in the world. Edited by Bryan A. Garner, the world s leading legal lexicographer, the 9th Edition is the most authoritative, comprehensive law dictionary ever published. It contains more than 45,000 terms and includes 2,000 more terms than the 8th Edition and 19,000 more than the 7th Edition including click fraud, Code Adam, collaborative law, ecoterrorism, environmental tort, friendly subpoena, happy-slapping, honor crime, secret detention, Schumer box, and super precedent. 

3. Managing E-Discovery and ESI: From Pre-Litigation to Trial

The legal landscape and litigation have changed markedly in the last decade.This book identifies the key issues related to ESI--pre-litigation management, preservation, collection, processing, review, production, and use in deposition and at trial--and provides clear, practical guidance to litigators. The book is divided into eight parts that follow the sequence from the pre-litigation stage through trial.

4. Paralegal Today: The Essentials

Designed for anyone considering a career as a paralegal, the 7th edition of PARALEGAL TODAY: THE ESSENTIALS provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the legal system through real-world examples, practical applications, ethical dilemmas, and hands-on assignments. With thorough coverage of the basic, key areas of paralegal studies, this text ensures that you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the laws in our society, the importance of ethical and professional responsibility, and the skills needed to thrive in the legal environment.

5. Lessons from the Top Paralegal Experts: The 15 Most Successful Paralegals and What You Can Learn from Them

The primary goal of the book is to help students and professionals learn hands-on techniques directly from paralegal leaders in the field. These top paralegal experts share the secrets that have helped them become the best of the best in their profession. The top fifteen paralegal experts helped to expand the paralegal profession and improve the efficiency of performing paralegal duties including creativity, leadership, expertise in their specialty, technical skills, knowledge, mentoring, and organization. There is a definite need to provide paralegal students with further instructions to help them become more productive and efficient.

6.  Tips for Navigating the Real World Day of a Paralegal

Of course, you should grab a copy of our own Ebook! Tips for Navigating the "Real World" Day of a Paralegal” is full of tips, tricks, and techniques to guide you in the right direction to becoming a successful paralegal. I answer those questions that weigh on a new paralegal's mind! 
What's it really like to work for an attorney?
What if I make a mistake? 
How do I handle clients? 
How do I deal with co-counsel and opposing counsel? 
What is going to trial really like? 
How do I keep up with legal technology? 
My informational ebook is here to help guide you as you start your career! Don't worry, we aren't going to rehash all that stuff they taught you in this book you will learn about the REAL WORLD of being a busy paralegal!

An essential guide for lawyers and paralegals for constructing citations, covering the format of citations from a variety of legal sources, including court cases, statutes, books, periodicals, electronic media, and international documents

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (2018 Edition) with the full Advisory Committee Notes, selected statutes (venue and jurisdiction of federal district courts, along with removal from state courts), and all official forms for civil suits in federal district courts.  

his self-paced guide to citation form is a perfect match for any basic Legal Writing and Research course. Cite-Checker is a short, concise book providing students with everything they need to learn and master proper citation form according to The Bluebook. A readable and pragmatic guide, this valuable text offers thorough explanations of important concepts as well as self-checking exercises to help students master the concepts discussed.

Written by authors with extensive experience in placing paralegal students in successful internships and permanent jobs, Internships through Employment: The Paralegal Job Hunter's Handbook is the only text in the field to focus on internships and permanent employment.
Divided into three sections: internships, finding the right permanent job, and ensuring success in the workplace this concise handbook offers practical information with a variety of samples including cover and thank-you letters, sample resumes, and sample job-hunting portfolio pages valuable advice not covered elsewhere, such as how to quit a job without burning bridges, how to interview by telephone, how to get around the 'no reference' rule, how to respond to online job postings, as well as realistic advice on inappropriate workplace behaviors and ethical concerns.

This text is unique in that it is written from the perspective of a supervising attorney who now is a paralegal educator. It is a career guide for paralegal students and new paralegals that provides insight into what law firms really want from their paralegal staff. Real-life law office situations are described and analyzed to give students the help they need to overcome the most common obstacles. Students not only learn from the author, they also get practical, first-hand advice from paralegals themselves. 

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