Paralegal's Resume Cover Letter Format and Why It Matters

When creating your letter of introduction, consider that it contains three components:
  • It's a business style letter.
  • The reason for writing and position desired should be clear to the reader.
  • The reference line states the job posting to which you are applying.
The second paragraph is where you dig into the meat of things. This paragraph should show your personal skills, special achievements or special qualifications. It does require you to step out of your comfort zone and sell yourself and skills to this unknown, unseen hiring manager.
That isn't to say you're offering a sales pitch. You're not.
You want to merely highlight yourself and your career as the best choice for the position. While drafting your letter, put yourself in the position of the hiring manager and ask yourself:
Paralegal Cover Letter
Why should I hire you?
What can you offer our firm?
Addressing these questions in your cover letter makes your letter stronger. The decision is easier for the employer because you're answering questions in their mind already. And, these questions will very likely be asked at the interview.
The third paragraph should offer your plans to contact the employer either by phone or letter.
I would caution you on this point. In my personal experience, I have not contacted a law firm manager for follow up about a position I applied to. Why? Because for some positions I've responded to advertisements on Craigslist and other online job sites and have seen employers get such an overwhelming response to their job opening that they update their ad to state they will only get back to the most qualified candidates.
Today's corporate market place is very different than it was three years ago. It's more like the real estate market where the buyers are in the driver's seat and the sellers pretty much are stuck with their house.
The paralegal market is similar because employers hold all the cards. Since they have a TON of applicants applying for positions (years earlier the same advertisement would more likely get a trickle of responses) they can pick and choose who they want.
Where does that leave you?
Keep applying to other paralegal positions. And, continue honing your cover letter and resume for those specific paralegal jobs you want. Rework your letter and make it and your resume the best that you can.
A resume cover letter format can be found using Google or Bing search engines to see what's out there and whether or not it'll work for your situation. It's very important to present a professional letter which effectively communicates your skills, abilities, achievements and immediate value to the firm. 
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