The Duties of a Paralegal Manager

One of the great things about paralegal careers is that they will open you up to opportunities for advancement. An excellent promotion for a working paralegal is the position of paralegal manager. Here is a breakdown of the job duties for paralegal managers.
Human resources
Paralegal managers work in tandem with the HR department of a firm in order to recruit and hire new paralegals. They do this by creating recruitment strategies, posting employment ads and attending local job fairs. Managers often also have the authority to interview and hire new paralegals without supervision from the HR department.
Even though new paralegal hires will have the education and experience needed for the position, every law office works differently and has its own methodology. This makes training all the more necessary. Paralegal managers train new hires in legal filing, writing and research. In addition, they can mandate the attendance of seminars or legal community service for new paralegals.
Assigning work
Paralegal managers are responsible for assigning new paralegals to specific roles in specific departments. This is to ensure that everyone knows their exact responsibilities. Parelegal managers must have an accurate understanding of each new hire's strengths and weaknesses in order to assign him or her to a role that would serve as the best fit.
Employee review
Performance reviews are key for new paralegals in order to understand their effectiveness in their current role. Managers give detailed feedback to new hires periodically in performance reviews. They must be able to give tough criticism in addition to praise when it is due.

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