Top 10 Paralegal School Scholarships And Grants

These following top 10 paralegal school scholarships and grants can help fund your education if you’re planning on entering this rewarding career field. Some of them are from local bar associations, regional organizations or specific schools, and others are available to paralegal students nationwide. It’s worth considering all your options. 

1.American Association for Paralegal Education Lex Scholarships 

If you’re a student member of this association and an outstanding student, you may qualify for one of the annual awards of $500. 

2.American Institute for Paralegal Studies

The AIPS offers an Alumni Achievement Scholarship Program, Alumni Competitive Scholarship Program, Employer Tuition Credit and Merit Scholarship Program. 

3.Cal State-Los Angeles Paralegal Studies Program

If you’re a Latino student attending the paralegal program at CSU-LA, you may qualify for one of three partial tuition scholarships from the Offices of Manuel Hidalgo.

If you’re a student member of this association and an outstanding student, you may qualify for one of the annual awards of $500.

4.Cheryl Janke Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Outstanding students at Chippewa Valley Technical College may qualify for an annual $500 scholarship from the Rotary Club of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

5.Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association Paralegal Section Scholarship

Michigan residents and members of the DMBA who are in legal assistant degree or certificate programs may qualify for this award.

6.Jamie Bowie Memorial Scholarship

The Oklahoma Paralegal Association offers a $250 award based on character, financial need and grades in memory of Jamie Bowie, daughter of OPA member Dianna Peters.

7.Orange County Paralegal Association

If you’re in an accredited program for paralegal studies in Orange County, California you may qualify for one of two scholarships worth $500 each.

8.Southwest Florida Paralegal Association

There are several scholarship awards ranging from $100 to $250 for students studying for the CLA and CLAS exam in Southwest Florida. 

9.State Bar of New Mexico Scholarships for Paralegals

This award is just for New Mexico paralegal students currently enrolled in an accredited program or preparing to begin courses within the next semester. 

10.Warner, Norcross and Judd LLP Scholarship for Minority Students

Sponsored annually, this scholarship, for minority paralegal students enrolled in an accredited Michigan school, awards up to $2,000. 

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