10 Top Career Resolutions for the New Year

Making New Year's resolutions are really nothing but setting goals and making a to do list  for your self, which is one of  the secrets to success. Keep in mind not to set un achievable goals that are not within reach. Set short-term goals and go for those! There are many ways to enhance one's career, including finding a better way to manage a work/personal life balance. 
1. Enhance your skills: Add a professional degree to your CV. Or take a class or go to a seminar. It is essential to set learning goals on a regular basis. As the saying goes, 'If you're not green and growing, you're ripe and rotting.'
2. Learn new technology: "The most happening thing in this age is technology which is here to stay. Communication is essential for business success. Take stock of where you're the weakest and change that.  Make sure you are up to date on the latest technology tools and software available to make your work better. 
3. Be prepared with your CV: In this day and time, you never know when opportunity might knock at your door. And it could be from outside of -- or within -- your company. So just be prepared to take up the challenge as and when it comes and have your CV or resume up to date and accurate. 
4. Learn a new language: This is particularly important if your work puts you in contact on a regular basis with people who speak another language. There are so many regional languages in your own country that you could learn or maybe go for a foreign language course. It can't hurt, and it could certainly help. 
5. Clean out old files, e-mails: Cleaning up old files is a great way to revisit priorities and gain perspective on what's really important. Not only will it give you a fresh start to the year ahead, but if you pay careful attention to what you keep and what you toss it may help you manage your workload more effectively in the future. 
6. Network with four people a month: Networking is a great way to expand your knowledge base. Knowing people who can become a valuable resource is golden.  Yes, networking can and does lead to job opportunities, but it also can put you in touch with others who make your job easier, like copy vendors, software and IT people, etc. 
7. Read best-selling business books: Choose books and articles within your field.  Imagine the impact you can make if you are well-versed on business trends, even if it's nothing more than to find your way to a healthy debate with others. And you might learn something new! 
8. Find quality time for self/family: Look for ways to integrate both aspects of your life. Let family join you on a business trip, or, plan your workload so that you can  leave the office early on an afternoon to attend your child's sporting event.   Include your  family in company events if allowed.  Those people who have a better work/life balance are happier over all.  
9. Increase your saving habit: Saving for retirement is critically important. Simply commit to yourself to take that next pay increase and put in more money into a saving scheme. Making this part of your career goals will give you peace of mind that you're building toward a more comfortable retirement.
10. Exercise and eat healthier this year: With opportunities galore, find ways to exercise with your both your family and co-workers. Take a walking break at lunch and pay attention to what you're eating while at your desk.  Staying healthy and feeling fit can help job performance over all. 
Making and sticking to resolutions can be very difficult . What incentives do you use to stick to your resolutions?  Career focused New Year's resolutions could  be even more difficult to maintain.  Is there one New Year's resolution you could make that would have a big impact on your career? 

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