I-Pad and Tablet Useful Legal Apps for the Paralegal

Among tablets the most popular one for attorneys is the iPad, and it has the highest number of legal apps available for download. An oft-heard phrase nowadays is “there’s an app for that.” And certainly, if there isn’t, one is likely in development. 

Estimates are there’s 1 million apps on the market with the Apple App Store reporting it has now reached 25 billion downloads, tracking at 1 billion downloads a month. 

Current estimates revealed that the Android app market was expected to have the same number of apps as Apple (680,000) last spring.4 That’s more than 1.3 million apps combined with legal-related apps a burgeoning subset of that total. And while these apps targeting the legal profession are primarily free, some may carry a seemingly high cost, but will likely be well worth the price.

What is my favorite app?  DocScanner...it's easy and works everytime! 


Fastcase (free) –
A next-generation, Web based legal research service that provides access to U.S. cases and statutes.Searches of the Fastcase database may be performed using citations,phrases or keywords. Boolean operators and proximity connectors may be used in constructing search statements. This is an especially great app for searching most state

iLawLibrary ($1.99) – Access
the Federal Rules on your iPad.Federal Rules of Civil, Criminal,Bankruptcy and AppellateProcedure and Evidence are availablewith no network connectionrequired. Features include searching,viewing hierarchically or ruleby rule, and bookmarking. 

LawStack (free) – A completelegal library in your briefcase!It comes preloaded with the U.S.Constitution plus the same Federal Rules as the iLawLibrary app above with options to add U.S. Code,Code of Federal Regulations and multiple state statutes.

WestlawNext (free) –
Although the app is free, a subscription is required to access content.Once downloaded and logged in you have access to all primary and secondary legal research as well as news content from Westlaw.


TrialPad ($89.99) – Havingthe distinction of being named the number one trial product of the year in 2011, this trial presentation and file management app while not inexpensive may well be worth the
cost. One published review states:“TrialPad offers the best parts of a full blown laptop/desktop trial presentation system in a simple-to-use package at a fraction of the cost.”Available features are too numerous to list, so check out the full description at the iTunes App Store.


SmartTraveler (free) – If you happen to be lucky and your work or for that matter pleasure travel takes you to international destinations,this U.S. Department of Stateapp is a must have! The app providesquick access to up-to-dateofficial country information, travelalerts and warnings, maps, U.S.embassy locations and much more.

TripIt (free) – This app is for you if you have ever booked a trip and then had trouble finding and organizing your itinerary information.Once you have booked your trip,simply email your confirmation message to plans@tripit.com, and TripIt “automagically” organizes your trip details into a single,useful, easy-to-find itinerary.


DocScanner ($3.99) – This must-have app turns any document (e.g., invoices, receipts, typed notes
from a meeting, etc.) into a PDF by simply taking a photo of it. You can even snap a picture of notes on a
whiteboard, and DocScanner will convert it to PDF.

DropBox (free for up to 2GB
of space) – This app gives you the ability to store your documents in the cloud and share those files
between computers. Caveat emptor: Questions about the security of files stored in DropBox abound.
Be careful about leaving confidential documents in DropBox. It is advised to use the app to transfer the documents only and then delete them from the app’s cloud server, especially if they are confidential.

iPleading ($4.99) – Helps the busy attorney or paralegal easily create and email litigation documents that conform to rules of pleading in state and federal courts.

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