What Are Mock Trials and How Do They Work?

Mock trials are simulated court cases involving attorneys and hired actors. The purpose is to elicit a verdict, which is completely made up and non-binding. Mock trials allow attorneys to predict how a case may play out. It allows them to develop and hone a defense or prosecution. They are also used to educate law students on how cases can develop. When used for educational purposes, they typically do not occur in the same regimented way that actual hearings do, since they are meant to help students understand the legal system. However, when conducted by professionals, attorneys attempt to make them resemble the actual case as much as possible.

When mock trials are used in educational settings, the students and professor typically dictate what the case will be about. Sometimes actual cases are used for the bases of these pretend hearings. The students will determine who amongst them will be the judge, jury, witnesses, attorneys, and bailiffs. Other details such as evidence and procedural specifics will be determined, and then the case will begin. Throughout the process, the professor will educate the students on the proceedings. Students will learn how to conduct the hearing and understand everything from opening statements to cross examinations and closing statements.

Mock trials are also used professionally. Lawyers who are dealing with real life cases use these pretend hearings to craft their arguments. They can be quite costly. To conduct them, lawyers will hire actors to play all of the parts involved in the case including jurors, bailiffs, and anyone else who may be in the actual courtroom. The attorneys evaluate every aspect of the proceedings to attempt to predict how the actual case will play out. Oftentimes, these professional mock trials are conducted several times, so the lawyers can utilize different tactics and methods.

Although these make believe hearings are can be great educational tools for law students and people who want to become professionally involved in the legal system, they are not always effective when used in professional situations. Obviously, not every possible scenario or circumstance can truly be predicted, but these deliberations can be very helpful in getting an idea of what scenarios could occur, so attorneys can get an understanding of the approach that should be taken in order to win their case. If you want to learn more about how these proceedings work, you can hire a team of consultants in your area to help you through every step of the process. Whether you are an attorney, a defendant, or you just want to learn more about the legal system, contact a consultant today to prepare before you go to court.

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