5 Tips for Landing Your Ideal Legal Job

The law industry is notoriously competitive. Which means that landing a new job or finding your ideal position within a firm can be difficult. Being a savvy and smart job hunter, therefore, is crucial in making sure you get the job you want.
5 job hunting tips:
Network. Networking has become a dirty word when it comes to job hunting, usually because it connotes insincerity. However networking is essential to making and keeping contacts within the legal industry that may be able to help you with a position further down the line. As with most industries, it can be who you know not what you know!
Engage online. In today's job market, a majority of positions are advertised and filled via online job postings or job boards. This shift in recruitment to the online world means that job hunters need to be able to navigate online job sites. Many online job sites allow job hunters to upload their CV to their site so that employers can find suitable candidates. There are a number of job boards that cater specifically to legal jobs and will help narrow your search and shorten your job hunt time. If you're looking for corporate law jobs, for example, head straight to online legal job boards.
Know the market. It's important when you start your job hunt to do your own market research to find out what kind of jobs and roles are available. By taking time to understand the market, you'll be able to deduce where jobs are available.
Be prepared. There's no point in finding the perfect job listening and not having an appropriate resume and interview skills to help you secure the position. Make sure that your resume is up to date, professional and outlines the skills and expertise you could bring to a role. Furthermore, be prepared should they ask for an interview. Research the company, think of your own questions for the interviewers and consider generic questions you are likely to be asked. That way, when they ask you what your strengths and weaknesses are and to explain a time when you demonstrated leadership, you'll have an answer prepared.
Keep up appearances. As much as we would like to think that our credentials speak for themselves, your appearance and temperament can significantly influence your employability. Always be neatly and professionally presented, and remember that a friendly manner will get you a long way.

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