Duties of a Real Estate Paralegal

As a paralegal working in a law office with a heavy real estate practice, your duties could vary from accumulating data and information needed to complete the various documents of conveyance, such as deeds or mortgages, to monitoring mortgage foreclosures, handling real estate closings, examining title reports, and in some law offices, preparing and plotting legal descriptions of land.

In some jurisdictions, you will also be preparing leases, land sale contracts, and secured transaction agreements, as well as drafting complaints, answers and other documentation. You may be dealing with unlawful detainer or eviction proceedings such as attachments and undertakings and quiet title, and partition actions.

Because of this continuing contact with the operation and effect of the laws relating to the changes in the character, purchase and sale, and transfer of real property from one person to another, you should know the rules affecting ownership and transferability of real estate in your area.

Some general duties of a Real Estate Paralegal might include:

1. Accumulate data and information needed to complete various instruments of conveyance;
2. Preparing contracts for purchase and sale of land;
3. Preparing and plotting legal descriptions of land;
4. Preparing deeds;
5. Preparing mortgages;
6. Preparing all types of leases;
7. Examining title reports, abstracts or preliminary title insurance binders;
8. Preparing statements for real estate closing. Use your office closing statement from as a checklist for information and documents you will need at the closing;
9. Drafting complaints, answers and other legal pleadings (breach of contract to purchase of sell land, action for specific performance of contract to sell land, breach of easement rights, landlord-tenant actions)
10. Monitoring for mortgage foreclosures;
11. Preparing secured transaction agreements where personal property is being sold with real property, as in the sale of a business or selling of a residence with a mobile home or selling a business real property with movable equipment.

These are just a few examples and the job of a real estate paralegal is ever changing and expanding.

The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed to give any legal advice. I've been a practicing paralegal for over 25 years and am interested in providing information based on my training and experience in various aspects of the law.

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