What is a Foreclosure Paralegal?

Foreclosure is a legal procedure where a mortgage loaner will sell property to pay off loans that the borrower has defaulted on. The procedure requires the use of lawyers to stand up for the loaner as well as the borrower. Each one will require lots of data - which is gathered by a foreclosure paralegal.


There are three standard types of education programs for these kinds of paralegals; associate degree, baccalaureate degree, and a post degree certification. There are numerous public and private colleges or universities that will offer these programs and some that permit you to narrow narrow it down to the field you wish to excel in.

Ensure that the program you go for follows the criteria created by the American Association for Paralegal Education and the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals. All of these have websites that you can visit and learn more extensively on the education you need to have.

In school you must take other classes that will aid you to narrow down the training to the specific field you are working to. There are special classes that some universities will offer. They will cover you on the terms you need to learn and the tasks you will have to do at a firm.

Work Responsibilities

When you have completed the required foreclosure paralegal training you will be ready to get a job at a firm. It will be your job to draft complaints, motions, orders for default, decree of foreclosure, notice of sale, and the deed after the sale has been made. You will likewise be required to also assist with mortgage modifications, pre-foreclosure sales, short payoffs, and repayment programs.

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