How To Sell Yourself In A Cover Letter For A Paralegal Position

In a competitive job market you need to stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream paralegal job.  An attractive resume written clearly and properly will help but the winning formula is to provide your future employer with a number of reasons why they should employ you. You cannot achieve this simply using a resume.  You need to write a cover letter outlining:

1) Reasons why you are the perfect candidate:

Nobody likes someone who brags so this is not an invitation to say you are perfect.  But you can sell yourself in a positive fashion.  Having done your research about the firm you should be able to marry some of your skills with some of their goals.  For example, if the firm deals with criminal defiance and you have relevant experience in this area say so.

2) Qualifications are not the only factor employers look at

If you have yet to achieve your paralegal certification don't despair. Tell your future employer that you are currently studying for your certifications and hope to pass the exams by a specific date.  Highlight what you have learned so far i.e. that you are good at legal research, have great communication skills and know how to dress and act professionally. You will be meeting clients of the firm and it is important that you look and act the part.

3) Personalize the letter:

There is nothing worse than sending out the same letter to every firm.  A personnel officer knows when a candidate has done a little research about the company and when they have just addressed the same letter to every law firm in the area.  Even if you are not fussy about where you work and just want a job never let your prospective employer know that.  A quick look at the company website and addressing the letter to a real person rather than to "Dear Sir" is often all it takes.

4) Keep your letter short

Personnel staff, like all staff at the law firm, tends to be very busy and they do not want to read through an essay.  Keep your letter brief and only write as much as you need to put your application over in the best possible light.

5) Keep it professional

Always write a cover letter using a friendly tone and keep it professional.  Never get cute or use slang. And always check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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