Busy Paralegal? Use These Top Android and IPhone Smartphone Apps for Better Time Management

You need to be organized as a paralegal, and keep track of your schedule. Quite often your managing more than one schedule.  Deadlines, court dates and the time you bill need to be tracked.   Using your smartphone to manage all of that is a good idea.  I personally use SnapAppointments and love it.  Happily, there are Android and iPhone time management apps and appointment apps to help you stay on top of a paralegal's busy schedule.  

TimeClock: Keep track of time spent on each task. A great way to manage time, and to use for creating invoices. This will cost you $3.99.

Asana: This task management software and app allow you to get organized, put tasks and conversations together to help teams manage projects and rely less on email.

Things: iPhone offers this task management app for $9.99. Organize your to-do list. It will make sure that all of your tasks are properly ranked by importance. Also includes repeating tasks.

Pocket Informant: This Android and iPhone app combines a powerful calendar app with a task scheduler. You can see your prioritized lists in terms of schedule and your calendar. It’s a great app for any paralegal who wants to stay organized and make sure everything gets done.

Advanced Task Manager: Use this task manager to make sure that you get everything done, and that you are prepared for what’s next. A time management schedule and organization tools are featured. 

SnapAppointments:  A great appointment maker. It’s good for making appointments online and setting up meetings. Great for a paralegal who has a number of meetings to arrange, and who wants to keep up with what’s going on with all of them.  

ToDoMatrix: This time and task management software app is for BlackBerry. Drag and drop your tasks, and set up folders to help you better manage your to-do list. Delegate tasks, and prioritize your to-do items. It’s a great app for  those who are looking for a powerful organizational tool for BlackBerry.

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