Ethics Issues: Paralegal Arrested in Georgia for Passing Contraband To Inmates

A paralegal in Georgia was arrested recently when she passed illegal contraband to imprisoned gang members.  The Telegraph, a local paper, is reporting that she was able to pass packages that contained various items including tobacco and cell phones to members of "Macon's Mafia", a local street gang, while they were incarcerated.  

Here is a lesson on what not to do when you are a paralegal in the criminal justice field.  I have had several instances where clients have asked me if I could help them out, whether with money, rides, signing off on documents on their behalf or if I would fudge some numbers for them on paperwork.  I have not, however, been asked to bring them things while they are in jail. 

Of course, the ethics code does not allow us to do any of those things, and hopefully you aren't. Even if it's not as an extreme request like doing something outright illegal, the request could border on an ethics violation which can get you fired.  

Have you ever had your clients asked you to do something outrageous or unethical for them?  I would love to hear from you all on this one! 

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