E-Discovery and Relativity: Online Review and Relativity Project Management Services

Seasoned litigation support professionals, paralegals,  and attorneys are well aware of the challenges faced with a compressed discovery timeline. Once the wrangling over custodians, dates, and keywords have been settled, it falls on the review team, usually paralegals,  and the legal outsourcing services they employ to sift through the resulting mountains of data and documents in preparation for trial. In many cases, this leads to long hours logged by first level reviewers such as contract attorneys and paralegals to comply with court ordered discovery deadlines. The efficiency of their review is crucial not only to the success of the case, but also to the profitability of the matter to the firm.

In the past decade,  the Relativity online hosting platform has become the standard bearer for document and data review in the litigation support community. Where review projects were once confined to in-house legal support teams using tools such as Concordance and Summation, the collaborative power of online review has created opportunities for litigation support service providers to step in and enhance their offerings to law firms and corporate clients alike. They have answered the call by offering a wide range of legal services specifically catered to Relativity users. When viewed through the prism of keeping review teams efficient and profitable, the support they provide is invaluable.

Legal support service providers have long been known for their tireless efforts in keeping their clients productive on a 24 hour basis. Heretofore, this support has typically centered on electronic discovery, coding, scanning and reprographic services. But as litigation support vendors have been drawn deeper into the review process, higher level tasks that typically stretch into the late night hours have become commonplace, for example, waiting for normal business hours to make necessary adjustments to a Relativity work-space to allow a review team to move forward just isn't an option and certainly not an inconvenience that firms are accustomed to.

One of Relativity's greatest attributes is its ability to support custom workflows. Data can be staged to seamlessly move from one review step to another. Documents are batched and presented to specific review teams for completion of review tasks. First level reviewers or contract attorneys are most likely to make simple yes/no judgments on whether a document is responsive to a case based on predetermined criteria. The simplicity of this task often allows them to move through thousands of documents in a short window of time. The results of the first level review are then passed on to a more advanced review team to verify the initial review and make additional judgments on Privilege claims, tag for specific issues, make notations, etc.

Ensuring the productivity of these first and second level review teams is the backbone of the work litigation support services can provide. To efficiently complete the tasks mentioned above, trained legal professionals can create custom layouts and views to make Relativity work-spaces user friendly and effective.

Their ability to import new documents into a database and batch them for review at any hour ensures that there are never interruptions in the workflow for hired reviewers. For second level reviewers, Relativity project managers are able to provide custom reporting on search terms, keyword highlighting, and pivot reports allowing high level reviewers to drill down to the documents that truly matter.

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