9 Ways to Ruin a Paralegal Job Interview

I remember reading an article quite awhile ago by Alison Green entitled "9 Ways to Ruin a Job Interview." Ms. Green highlighted 9 interview faux pas, including answering your cell phone during the interview and badmouthing an old boss. It made me think of the paralegal field specifically, of course, and how we would manage to ruin a job interview in the legal field.  I asked around a bit to a few other paralegals about the mistakes they had made during interviews, and I put this list together as a result. Don't make the same mistakes by doing these few things during your paralegal job interview.

Be negative about anything. 

Don't say you didn't like the kind of work you were doing at your prior firm. If you didn't like something before, the interviewer will assume you probably won't like the work at their company either. Didn't like a law school or paralegal school class? If you're asked for a dislike, find something minor that you didn't like and emphasize what you did like and learn.

Be late.

I don't care whether your car broke down or your subway stalled or your printer cut off part of the address of the firm. Plan to get to the interview an hour early and none of these events will make you late. And always have the firm's phone number somewhere where you can't possibly lose it, so if anything delays you (in spite of your plan to get there an hour early) you can call as soon as you know there is a problem.

Question whether you want the job.

The interview is not the place to have doubts! After you get a job offer, worry about whether you want the job. If you express doubts and express them even through your tone or body language during the interview, you can be sure you won't get the offer.

Apologize for your life.

Your life is your life and you've made the choices you've made. Be proud or at least accepting, state the facts as the facts and never apologize!

Be unsure of or unclear about your experience regarding case management software, pleadings preparation or familiarity with the curt process, etc. .

Interviewers will ask you about the specific cases you worked on and what case law/case management software/ you have used in the past.  You must review your prior cases and work and be ready to answer questions about them.

Ask salary information.

This is a big no-no! You will get your salary information after you get the offer!

Don't do your research.

For a paralegal job interview this means you didn't look at the firm's website, you don't know what areas they practice, or you don't know what cases they've recently or historically won. All this information is readily available on the firm website and on Martindale.com. If you don't do this research the interviewer will wonder whether you'll do your research on the job.

Use casual/chatty language.

We all want to be friendly, but don't get too buddy buddy with your interviewer. You are interviewing as a professional and your demeanor will be judged. Exhibit the demeanor in an interview that you would exhibit in court. Attorneys prefer professionalism.


(this was borrowed from Alison Green's article) You must not lie in any interview, and in a legal interview it is especially important. Any fraudulent behavior in a legal setting means potential malpractice. I'd rather you make any of the other 8 mistakes listed in this article than mess up on this one. I have had attorneys, during the interview process, tell me that the one thing they will not tolerate from a paralegal is lying.  Just don't do it.

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