Paralegals: Deep Web Research Resources to Find the Expert Witnesses and Information You Need

In high-stakes litigation, expert witness testimony is often a necessary and critical part of litigation strategy. Experts can offer testimony to address unique questions or facts that are central to liability issues. They are also almost universally used when it comes to quantifying damages. Because expert witness testimony can be such an important factor, there can be much at stake for litigators in the process of finding and selecting an expert. Clients, too, have recognized the importance of choosing the expert witness best suited for the case, and the expert selection process has increasingly become a joint enterprise between outside litigators and their in-house counterparts.

Therefore, both in-house counsel and their outside attorneys should be informed about the best practices in finding and selecting expert witnesses. But where to find them? I put together a pretty comprehensive list of expert witness research resources just for paralegals.  I hope you find it helpful! - Search For Alternatives 

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Marketplace for Work 

Ask Agent - Ask Questions, Seek Advice, Ask an Expert 

Answerify - The Answering Tribe 

AnswerSpot - The Starting Spot for Answers Available From the Internet 

AOL Answers 

Ask a Librarian - An Online Reference Service from the Library of Congress

Ask an Expert Sources 

Ask Any Question - Receive a Short, To-The-Point Answer Snippet 

AskDeb - Ask Questions and Get Answers Online 

Ask Dr. Universe

Free Personal and Family Finance Q&A Community BibApp - 
Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder BitWine 

Psychic Advice Readings Blazetrak – 

Direct Video Responses from Music Industry Professionals BlurtIt - 

The Definitive Question and Answer Website ChaCha - 
Ask Away 

Clarity – On Demand Business Advice

Capacitor - Find the Perfect Team for Your Startup 

Clarity - On Demand Business Advice for Entrepreneurs 

Consumer Reports - 101 Secrets From our Experts: The Insider’s Guide to Practically Everything – Native Speakers Will Check Your Text In a Foreign Language Counsel - Real Time Answers From People 

Digle - New World of Finding Power 

Directorio EXIT 

Do This ASAP - What Can They Do For You Today 

Elance - Instant Access to Great Talent 

eNotes – Homework Help, Study Guides, Lesson Plans

Evi – True Knowledge Experfy - 

Assembling The World's Most Prestigious Data and Analytics Talent, Available To Work On-Demand ExpertBids - 

Professional Services MarketPlace ExpertCircle

Discover the Best Products and Vendors for Your Business ExpertClick 

Connecting Experts With the News Media ExpertNet - 

Helping You Locate Experts in Florida Universities ExpertPages 

Experts Directory 

Experts Exchange 

Experts, Expert Witnesses and Consultants Directory 

Expert Witness Research 

Fact Checkers Directory 

GeniusRocket - Crowdsourced Creative Design GradShare - 

Ask Questions, Get Answers, Get Expert Advice from Graduate School Community

Green Room - Live, Personal Conversations With Your Favorite Experts and Celebriites 

Growing Stars – One-on-One Online Tutoring Center for Grades 3-12 

GuestFinder - They Find the World's Very Best Freelance Developers GuruStorms - 

The World's Experts Answer Your Questions 

Hackhands - The fastest way to get live programming help

Myra - The completely automated intelligent assistant you can text 

NakedKnowledge Simplify Your Life and Achieve Your Goals

 oDesk - The On-Demand Global Workforce 

Office Automata - Your Digital Assistant for Excel 

One Billion Minds - Innovative Solutions to Challenging Problems in Business, Technology and Social Innovation 

Open Directory - Reference: Ask an Expert 

Open Directory - Society: Law: Services: Expert Witnesses – Find Professional Freelancers - 

Wisdom When You Want It - 

Outsourcing to Freelance Programmers and Professionals 

Physics experts teach physics concepts using animations Pingsta - 

The Collaborative Platform for Internet Experts Pracly - 

Connect With Timely Experts Advice on Demand Free Process Information

WikiAnswers™ - Q & A The Wiki Way Wikianswers 

WikiLaw3K - Trusted Legal Information for You wikiHow - 

The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit wiseGeek - 

Clear Answers for Common Questions xprt - 

Live Tech Support From Top Experts Yahoo Answers 

Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons® Zapnito - 

Networked Knowledge 

Zomba - Scientific Outsourcing

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