eDiscovery Resources for Paralegals

e-Discovery can seem complicated, especially to a new paralegal.  These days, at least for litigation paralegals, knowing e-Discovery terms and processes is a requirement.  So how to both new and experienced paralegals keep up with the world of e-Discovery and legal technology in order to stay up to date?  It's important to follow changes and advancements in the field so finding a few good resources any paralegal can use is a good idea.  
Check out a few of these e-discovery resources I put together that can assist paralegals through the process.  
E-Discovery Daily- CloudNine's daily e-discovery blog-very informative and up to date

DiscoveryResources.org - fresh articles about e-Discovery 
The e-Disclosure Information Project  The e-Disclosure Information Project is run by Chris Dale, a former commercial litigation partner turned e-Disclosure consultant. It contains articles and comments on eDisclosure and other aspects of litigation support

LTN Legal Tech News  - ALM uses this page as a handy place to collect its electronic discovery articles from across its many publications.

e-Discovery Tips and Tricks - our own page with helpful articles

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