Paralegal, E-Discovery, and Lit Support Students: Free E-Discovery Flash Cards from Quizlet

I love finding helpful tools for paralegals that will help them succeed.  I stumbled upon Quizlet the other day.  I had not been to the website in a very long time and honestly had forgotten about it.  It's a great tool to use when studying for tests or to up your game at your job and add to your knowledge base.  It's completely free to use. 

So, what is Quizlet? 

From the website: 

"Welcome to Quizlet, the world’s largest student and teacher online learning community. Every month, over 20 million active learners from 130 countries practice and master more than 140 million study sets of content on every conceivable subject and topic".

I found hundreds of quizzes related to paralegals, e-discovery, contract law and more.  I gave a few a try and found them helpful. I have shared a few links below, but be sure to do a search to see if there is a quiz to meet your specific needs.  You can even create your own quiz and share it with fellow students. 

Here are a few links to get you started:

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