Holiday Gift Ideas for Paralegals

Do you buy gifts for co-workers and colleagues?  Our office holds a Christmas party each year where it's optional.   While I don't normally buy the attorneys gifts, I have a couple of paralegal friends that I don't actually work with that I buy gifts for each Christmas.  I also do the Secret Santa at work involving the paralegal staff where I need to find something for a co-worker as well.  I discovered that coming up with holiday gift ideas for paralegals can be difficult, but after looking around, I found a few really good ones I think will work.  

It didn't hurt that I got a very nice gift from a paralegal friend last week,  and I liked it so much I went and bought a second one.  (this was the reason I ended up poking around to see what else is out there for the paralegal) Check out the gift I got below, along with a few other finds I came across.   You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to show your yuletide appreciation for co-workers.  If you have an inside track on types of things those on your list would like, great.  If you don't, this list may be helpful.

Every paralegal could use a glass of wine now and then, right?  After a stressful day with impossible deadlines I can't wait for a glass of my favorite red wine.  The wine glass gift I got from a friend last week I loved so much I ended up buying a second so I could have a set!  Honestly, it seems a lot of my days are so crazy that I'm hitting the "Don't Even Ask" level on that glass!   

What did I end up finding for my paralegal friend?  I found this bracelet for her, and I know she is going to love it.  She is brand new at the job and a recent paralegal school graduate.  I can't wait to give it to her! 

I then had to find something for my Secret Santa pick, and I think this will work out just perfect. It's a great looking T-Shirt and I love the saying, it couldn't be more fitting for paralegals.  This fits her personality so well, I know my Secret Santa pick will love it! 

We all need a good laugh, especially after days of preparing for trial or working to get those discovery responses out.  I found a few humorous gift ideas for paralegals that I think would put a smile on a face any day, even the rough ones.  

Make a paralegal smile with this coffee mug

A great idea for a new mom paralegal!  The onesie comes in both black and pink and I think it's adorable!

How about a simple but useful travel mug

And how about a pretty bag to match the mug? 

A Few Words Before You Buy for Co-Workers

Don't forget you may have to follow the rules or policies when gifting your co-worker (if there's any). Some companies set limitations as to how they can only spend when gifting employees. If your company has such rules, just simply follow them to avoid misinterpretation or awkwardness between you and your recipient. However, if you can't afford to see yourself giving just a simple gift to a colleague who happens to be a good friend of yours, the best way you can do is to present it outside the office. As much as possible, avoid gifts that are too personal, and if you are giving gifts to a group choose the same item for everyone or if not, at least they are all in the same price range.

Happy Holidays!! 

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