I have learned so much in my career as a paralegal. Most of it I did not learn at school, but the hard way through trial and error and experience.  My goal with My Paralegal Place is to provide paralegals with trusted resources, timely articles and advice to achieve success and happiness in their careers! 

I'm an 8 year paralegal and published writer.   Currently I am working in a freelance capacity for several firms across the US, and I'm working locally at The Pottenger Law Firm.  I'm trying to get through the insanity that is a paralegal's world!

I specialize in Toxic Tort, Nursing Home Negligence, Workmen's Comp, Personal Injury and Medical Device litigation. I also organize social group events and am actively involved in the planning and hosting of charity events in the Kansas City area. 

Contact me at paralegalplace@gmail.com

Jenny L. Tucker

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