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I personally hope to help others in the legal field have a successful career. I have lots of helpful information here on the blog, and this page can help you get started finding what you need.  

I have several tabs at the top of the home page, check those out for specific topics.  I also have a few landing pages that pertain to a particular topic such as discovery.  For example click the links below the photo to see what I have there.  

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Who am I? 

I'm an 9 year paralegal and published writer who works for a prominent attorney in the Kansas City area.  I am also working in a freelance capacity for several firms across the US, and trying to get through the insanity that is a paralegal's world!

I specialize in Toxic Tort, Nursing Home Negligence, Medical Device litigation, and Worker's Compensation. I also organize social group events and am actively involved in the planning and hosting of charity events in the Kansas City area. 

Why this blog? 

I have been a writer for nearly 10 years as well as being a paralegal, so I decided I had to combine the two and write about topics I am interested in while serving in the legal field.  I enjoy finding ways for other paralegals to save time and make their jobs easier by providing useful tips and tricks and real life advice to my readers.  


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