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Welcome to My Paralegal Place's resource page.  I have found them all to be very useful, whether you are a new paralegal or have years of experience.  It's my hope that these resources help you find success in your paralegal career.  Scroll down to see all the categories.  

Recommended Reading:

Check out our reading page for all the great books, digital or print, that can give your career the boost it needs or teach you something new!  See "Recommended Books and Study Guides

Job Search Resources: 

I have a very good list of job search websites for paralegals.  Read "25 Career Search Sites to Help You Land the Paralegal Job of Your Dreams" for lots of places to find that perfect job!

I love the series of job search help books from Blue Sky.  I have read every one of these and have found them extremely useful.  In my situation I found that the Blue Sky Guide to Job Searches was most helpful and I feel it really prepared me to go out and get the job I wanted.  Plus, they offer free resume help! 
Get it here: Blue Sky Guide to Job Searches
The Blue Sky Guide to LinkedIn
The Blue Sky Guide to Resume Writing

Occupational Outlook Handbook-Paralegals

Professional Organizations: 

NALA-National Association of Legal Assistants
National Federation of Paralegals
American Alliance of Paralegals
NALS-The Association for Legal Professionals

Paralegal Education Resources

What I Wish I Knew BEFORE Becoming a Paralegal
2016 Paralegal Schools and Online Paralegal Programs Directory

Templates and Downloads: 

I have a whole page of great templates and downloads to help both new and established paralegals with preparing documents.  Check out  "Templates and Downloads" for pleadings templates, letter templates and more! 

Research Resources:

Virtual Private Library - Deep Web Databases and Resources
Find People
Find Experts
Legal Tech Resources 

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